Saturday, March 24, 2012

10 Fastest Motorbikes of the World

From 1999 to 2000, with one speed demon after another hitting the streets, motorbike manufacturers began to realize that the inter-manufacturer speed war had begun to get out of hand. In 2001, European and Japanese manufacturers agreed upon electronically limiting the top-speed of their motorbikes to 186 mph. Although there are manufacturers that aren’t bound by said agreement, most production motorbikes nowadays have top-speeds equal to or under mentioned limit.
Following is a list of the ten fastest motorbikes of the world in no particular order. Bikes with only the most consistent reported top speeds have been included.
Dodge Tomahawk
Sporting a 10-cylinder Viper engine (V10 engine) that packs 500 horsepower, this four-wheel concept bike can allegedly hit speeds of over 300 mph.
MTT Streefighter
MTT Streetfighter
Marine Turbine Technologies’ Streetfighter jet-bike is powered by a 420 horsepower gas-turbine engine and according to, the speed demon has a top speed of 250 mph. MTT’s jet-bikes do not have their top speeds electronically limited to 186 mph.
MTT Turbine Superbike (Y2K Superbike)
MTT Turbine Superbike
MTT’s Y2k Turbine Superbike was introduced in 2000 as the second turbine-powered street-legal motorbike. The jet-bike has a Rolls-Royce 250-C20 turboshaft gas-turbine engine of 320 horsepower and a top speed of 230 mph.
Suzuki Hayabusa
Suzuki Hayabusa
When introduced in 1999, the Suzuki Hayabusa was the world’s fastest production motorbike with a top speed of 188 mph . The current model of the sport bike has a 1349 cc, 4-stroke, 4-cylinder DOHC engine that can deliver 197 horsepower. Certain stats indicate that with a hack that fools the currently installed 186 mph speed limiting governor, the bike can hit speeds in excess of 200 mph!
Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14
Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14
Kawasaki’s 2006 successor of the popular Ninja ZX series comes equipped with a 1352 cc, 4-stroke, 4 -cylinder DOHC engine packing 190 horsepower and has an electronically-limited top speed of 186 mph but with the limiter out of the way, speeds in excess of 190 mph have been recorded.
BMW Motorrad’s S1000RR was first seen at the 2009 Superbike World Championship after which it went into production with a 999 cc, 4-stroke, inline-four DOHC engine that, as claimed by the manufacturer, produces more than 190 horsepower. The bike has an electronically-limited top-speed of 186 mph.
MV Agusta F4 CC
MV Agusta F4 CC
The 2010 installment of the MV Agusta F4 series has a 1078 cc, 4-stroke, 4-cylinder engine with 200 horsepower and an estimated top-speed of over 190 mph.
Honda CBR1100XX Blackbird
Honda CBR1100XX Blackbird
In production from 1996-2007, the Super Blackbird came equipped with a 1137 cc, 4-stroke, inline four DOHC engine with 150 horsepower. Before 2001’s self-imposed top speed limit of 186 mph, the Blackbird models recorded top speeds of 172-180 mph.
Yamaha YZF R1
Yamaha YZF R1
The Yamaha YZF R1 models have recorded top-speeds of around 170 mph. The current model sports a 998 cc, 4-cylinder DOHC engine with a new “crossplane” style crankshaft and 179.6 horsepower.
Aprilia RSV 1000 R
Aprilia RSV 1000 R
Aspirilia’s super-bike can hit speeds of up to 168 mph courtesy of a 998 cc, 4-stroke V-2 engine with 141.13 horsepower.

10 Most Amazing Concept Bicycles

Invented in the 19th century, the bicycle hasn’t changed much since then, and it’s sorely in need of a 21st century makeover. Luckily, there are plenty of designers eager to jump in and do just that, with amazing concepts that fold into compact portable packages, harness solar energy, store kinetic pedal power and even allow amphibious travel.
Some are ready for the assembly line while others will never be more than an idea, but all 10 of these designs are quite a departure from the ordinary. So here are some of the most amazing Concept or futuristic bicycles.
Minimalist Theft-Proof Computer-Aided Bicycle

With spokeless wheels designed to eliminate wind drag, tires that can’t be punctured, no visible chain and a minimalist frame, this bicycle is a definite departure from old school designs.. This is definitely a bike of the future.
Laptop-Charging Bike Concept

It’s probably the boxiest and least aerodynamic bicycle concept, but the most interesting part of this strange design has nothing to do with looks. This electric bicycle has a docking station for your laptop, charged by the bike’s battery as you ride.
Nulla: Ultramodern Spokeless Bike

Nulla means “nothing” in Italian, and though this bicycle is closer to “nothing” than most, it’s still a whole lot of something. Like the minimalist theft-proof bicycle by Chris Boardman, the Nulla has no hubs or chain drive for perhaps the sleekest, most futuristic look yet.
Incredible Folding Backback Bicycle

The Bergmonch folding backpack bicycle eliminates the problem of terrain that has to be negotiated on foot, not only is it small and lightweight, it folds perfectly onto itself in less than two minutes in a convenient configuration.
Collapsible Bike Concept

Portability is key when it comes to the bikes of the future, and concept designers are finding incredibly creative ways to make bikes light and collapsible. This design not only breaks down into a small package, but also provides storage space in the form of a bag positioned between the wheels.
Solar Powered Electric Bike
Cycle Sol owners can glide up effortlessly using solar power instead of muscle power. This electric bicycle has a roof that both protects the rider from the sun and rain and collects solar energy.
Bizarre Di-Cycle

Designed to carry the rider over both land and water, this strange bicycle concept was designed especially for the city of Helmond in the Netherlands, which has as many canals as it does roads.
All-Weather Bicycle Design

All-weather bicycle concepts aren’t entirely new, but they’ve always been rather clunky and unrealistic until now. This bicycle concept features a transparent roof that can protect against precipitation.
Locust Flexible Folding Bicycle

With its large circular frame, the Locust folds in a way that most other portable, collapsible bikes don’t. It is designed by Josef Cardek.
Grasshopper: Folding Electric Bike

Naturally, some intrepid designers have taken folding bicycles to the next level by making them electric. Grasshopper design not only gets you to and fro, but can also become a stationary exercise bike and even generates and stores the energy you produce when pedaling.