Saturday, March 24, 2012

10 Most Amazing Concept Green Rides

Quite obviously quietness and “green” are two objectives that seem to be driving the auto scene at the moment. We often see electric vehicles and concepts powered by renewable energy being displayed at various auto shows. Moreover the rise in the cost of fuel has made auto makers think about possibilities that are fuel efficient as well. When reducing fuel or energy consumption is the need, the best possible solution is to let go one wheel and make the vehicle run on three wheels. This approach better mileage and doesn’t make the user sacrifice with performance and safety.
So here I have compiled some of the most amazing concept vehicles that run on three-wheels for better streets of tomorrow.
Peugeot +
Peugeot+ is supposed to be a fusion of a scooter and car. Designed to run on a smaller electric motor, it aims to leave lesser or rather no carbon prints behind. It has two front wheels for extra stability.
Designed by Los Angeles-based automobile company Venture Vehicles, this vroom-ing Y shaped 3-wheeler will come in two versions, which will have a wide range of accessories. With a fuel economy of 100 mpg and a top speed of over 100 mph, this vehicle is unquestionably groundbreaking.
The Moby
The Moby by WooJin Chung is one such strike that can take you to the future on zero-emission electric engines. The concept vehicle can displace its rear and alter it in different fashion to suit the traffic.
The TransforMiss concept is inspired by “a woman” who according to the designer is never the same. The car seats two passengers and can be driven from either seat by simply changing the position of the steering wheel and can be driven with two, three or four wheels, depending on the street traffic and user preference.
Bio Top
The Bio Top is a futuristic electric car featuring three wheels, one of which generates electricity as well. The Bio Top car utilizes wireless electricity technology to transfer electricity, which is generated by the car’s rear spherical wheel, to recharge the vehicle’s on-board battery as it moves.
The Brontes aims to curb pollution with an electric drive. The concept vehicle can seat two individuals and runs on a lithium-ion battery pack. The car’s expected top speed and range is set to show some decent figures, as the car runs on three wheels.
Peugeot RD
Designed for a future metropolis, the Peugeot RD Concept, will have a single seat and will run on three wheels. This concept car combines the sensations of a 3-wheeled scooter with the driving pleasure of a saloon car.
GM Car Hero
Designed by General Motors, the Car Hero Concept aims to features easy controls. All the rider need to do is entering the destination into the navigation app on his/her Smartphone and let the vehicle do the rest. The Rider can unlock controls so he/she could take the charge of the autonomous system.
Peugeot Q
The Peugeot Q is a three-wheeled vehicle providing space for 2 passengers. With a free spherical rear wheel, the car can literally spin 360 degrees, which ease parking and driving in congested city lanes. The two wheels on the front are incorporated with lithium-ion engine, which gives the car the ability to change direction based on the transmitted velocity.
The SV1 actually looks like something out of the comic books. It has a shiny body and three wheels. The vehicle is meant to seat two and is driven by rear wheels, while steering is delegated to the two front wheels.

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