Tuesday, March 20, 2012

10 Best Cars For Teenagers

The first car for a teen is the most exciting moment of his/her life, and the most difficult moment for parents. Teenagers always wish for stylish, expensive cars like they see in films but obviously that is not possible for parents. BUT the best part comes when they buy a car for their teen which is inexpensive and stylish too.
Here we have compiled a list of 10 best cars for teens. affordable, stylish, safe, easy to drive. Don’t worry parents, these car’s gonna take care of your child.
Volkswagen rabbit
Easy to drive, has got style, easily affordable, has got several safety features ( six airbags, antilock brakes as standard etc ). Teen happy, parents happy, everyone happy. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!
Subaru Impreza 2.5i
Top safetry winner, Subaru is highly recommended for teenagers and inexperienced drivers. It comes with all-wheel-drive(AWD) and electronic stability control. AWD gives a better grip to the car in extreme weathers which is very helpful for teens.
Smart Fortwo
The more teens in a car, the more accidents happen. So a two-seater would be a great pick for parents for their son/daughter. Convertible, easy to drive, inexpensive. Comes with the feature of ESC and many security ones.
Mostly parents prefer small, easy to drive, cheap to run and inexpensive cars for their teens and this car is ideal for them.
Toyota Corolla
I personally think that it’s a little rough to drive but the car is safe, spacious and simple. Comes with many security features ( the most important part for teens ) and electronic stability control.
Kia Soul
Just look at that. Wouldn’t a teenager go crazy if their parents bought them this beauty. Small, stylish, inexpensive. GREAT!!
Suzuki SX4
One of the least expensive car with all-wheel drive feature sold in US. A car, a teenager and their parents wouldn’t think twice to buy.
Honda Insight
Honda Insight
A hybrid car with better fuel economy than other cars. Has passed the crash test so parents wouldn’t have to worry about their teens.
Nissan Altima
Best known for handling. Reliable and a good choice for inexperienced drivers.
Ford Focus
Reasonably starting price which is always a concern for parents. Small, reliable and very good handling. Stylish which concerns teens. A great car overall.

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